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Using the technology acceptance model to design inclusive digital solutions

A crucial part of eliminating barriers to technology creation and driving technology adoption is ensuring that what is built is not only inclusive of diverse perspectives, but also of the various levels of understanding and comfort with digital tools and technology.

Using the chorus platform to develop digital tools to improve care coordination and referrals

The goal of care coordination is to help health teams, patients, and providers work together to make sure a patient’s health needs are met by the right providers, at the right place, and at the right time. It centers the focus of health-care delivery on the patient and aims to alleviate the burden that many patients face in organizing their own care management by taking a more integrated approach.

How no code brings down the barriers to digital entrepreneurship

Building an engaging, reliable, and secure MVP is key to launching your digital startup, securing funding, and scaling your business. No code simplifies the process.

App building for public health

An app building platform to meet the digital health and research needs of today and build innovative solutions for tomorrow.

App building for healthcare and research

An app building platform to meet the digital health and research needs of today and build innovative solutions for tomorrow.

Listening over outcomes, our three keys to stakeholder engagement

A core principle to facilitating participatory engagement in projects is listening over outcomes. This means leading with trust and empathy building, to get to more relevant and engaging solutions.

The no-code platform guide to security

In the future of no-code application development, managing security infrastructure on your own(or in a silo) is a thing of the past.

How the chorus platform facilitates participatory engagement in technology development

How approaches from Participatory Research can help lead the next wave of technology development and how Chorus is bringing research world principles in CBPR to facilitate technology development with no code at the core.

Research using the Chorus platform featured in the Wall Street Journal

A recent WSJ article highlighted how new app tools are being leveraged to help in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and more by providing therapists a stream of information between sessions - and options to intervene if necessary. As part of this, the Chorus platform and the work of our founder Armen Arevian, MD PhD was highlighted.