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Powerful resource tools that put communities first

Curate the resources and guides your community needs most. Then integrate seamlessly with other Chorus templates.

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Community led approach

Community engagement ensures solutions are reflective and engaging

Community Engagement

Engage community stakeholders to ensure what’s created reflects end user needs.

Partnered Development

Include staff and local organizations throughout development to unlock community wisdom.

Enhance through templates

Extend functionality and flexibly adapt to emerging priorities with built-in customizable templates.

comprehensive solutions

All the features needed to support both community and staff

Community Facing Templates

Curated resources and tailored guides simplify access to finding help.

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Referrals to Care

Route to additional care with self-assessments and warm connections.

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Staff Workflow Tools

Integrate seamlessly with the suite of Behavioral Health Hub workflow tools.

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Why Chorus

A community-led approach yields more reflective solutions

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Quickly deploy the templates needed.


Configure and add new tools as priorities emerge.


Compatible with your EHR and IT infrastructure.

Features to flexibly scale and adapt to evolving needs.

Search and filter functionality

Search simply with broad match, keyword, and geo-location.

Live and automated chat

Real-time and automated chat connect users to additional care.

Multi-language translation

Translate content with added contextual relevance.

Compliant & Integrated

HIPAA compliant
and secure

Integrate your EHR +
organizational APIs

SOC2 compliant

Let us empower you to put your community first.

Health is local. Chorus engages community stakeholders for reflective, engaging solutions.

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