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Our Origin Story

Armen Arevian, MD, PhD

Founder, CEO

Whether through my experiences as a psychiatrist, technology creator or academic researcher, I saw that so many people had great ideas and passion to help others through technology but faced a lot of barriers  - expensive servers and programmers, complex security and compliance requirements, and expertise around technology and design.

In the U.S., only 0.1% work as computer programmers.

Yet 100% of us are experts in our own lives through our own lived experience.

This leaves 99.9% of people who are close to problems and who best understand the right solutions, facing barriers that keep them from making their ideas a reality.

I asked myself, “Why can’t everyone be able to create digital technologies?”

This led to the creation of the Chorus platform. Over the years, researchers, clinicians, community leaders, and health systems have used Chorus to create amazing things - with the features of the platform created within and for healthcare and communities.

It has become clear that democratizing technology, helping everyone to be a creator, and upending the existing dynamic of tech companies determining what gets to be created, will be transformative in health and the pathway to making a better and more equitable world.

Armen Arevian, MD, PhD

Founder, CEO

Meet the Chorus Team

Armen Arevian, MD, PhD

Founder, CEO

Mike Bonafede, JD

Director of Operations & Compliance

Kris Guadarrama

Director of Design

Phoenix Wang

Director of Growth

Navid Khalili

Chief Technology Officer

Ryan Napier

Business Development Lead

Christy Forte

Program Manager - Client Innovations Lead

Juliette Fralick

Director of Finance

Edgar Tijerino

Information Security Advisor

Ryan Balise

Information Security Officer

Christina Arevian

Marketing Manager

Markala Comfort

Client Success Manager

Addison Nakatani

Product Manager

Mayra Solano

Product Manager

Ashok Modi

Lead Software Engineer

Kateryna Lopushanska

Senior Frontend Engineer

Anthony Marquardt

Senior Software Engineer

Murtaza Hasni

Senior Software Engineer

Bowen Chung, MD, MSHS

Senior Health Services Advisor

Gail DiRaimondo, LCSW

Senior Program Manager

Minhxuan Tran, MPH

Project Manager

Cathy Sherbourne, PhD

Senior Health Policy Analyst

Norma Mtume, MHS, MA MFT

Senior Community Engagement Specialist

Angelina Majeno, MPH

Community Engagement Specialist

Shaunt Arevian, JD

Legal, Operations

Tamar Alvarez

Operations Coordinator

Carter Moar

Senior Product Manager

Jamie Bush

Client Innovations - Operations Manager

Brian Lee

Product Manager

Daniel Lees

Product Manager

Krissy Do

Software Engineer

Angelo Constantino

Senior UI/UX Designer

Eva Robboy

Senior Product Designer

Thomas Adams

Associate Software Engineer

Eric Garcia

Web Developer

Christy Lee

Solutions Architect

Oscar Wang

Quality Assurance Analyst

Brendan Peppler

UX Researcher

Nancy Nguyen

UI/UX Designer

Patrick Jeter

Solutions Architect

Eleonora Hwang

Solutions Architect

Sharday Shaw

Solutions Architect

MarMar Tahery

Solutions Specialist

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