Behavioral Health Hub

Empower a unified support ecosystem to improve client outcomes

Adaptable templates built with best practices. Tailor, add, and integrate to fit your needs.

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Screen of the Chorus Behavioral Health Hub Dispatch Dashboard

Modular templates

Streamline the patchwork of workflow tools

Let your teams focus on providing great services with configurable templates.

Modular templates

Support emerging workflows

Integrate additional templates to facilitate new directives and workflows.

Modular templates

Create new solutions as needed

Flexibility to build new templates and support any complex project.

Why Chorus

A modular approach results in more adaptable & integrated solutions

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Quickly deploy the
templates needed.


Configure and add new tools as priorities emerge.


Compatible with your EHR and IT infrastructure.

Behavioral Health Hub templates

Case and client management at the core

Empower a unified support ecosystem with the speed & visibility to improve outcomes.

Manage cases & clients

Integrated portal to add service requests and track the journeys across the system of care.

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Centralize consumer data

Centralized consumer database that integrates with all Chorus program modules to facilitate consumers as they move between programs.

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Easily view consumer history

Easily view historical consumer contacts within the system of care, including outcomes of those contacts.

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Enhance referral process

Live multi-site resource availability decreases the burden of phone & email coordination.

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Streamline the referral process for enhanced care coordination

Securely and quickly connect clients across diverse programs.

Referral Management

Improve coordination and information exchange for referrals - internally and externally, across the continuum of care.

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Configure and integrate new templates

Adapt the templates needed to reflect your unique workflows.

Crisis Dispatch

Expedite your crisis workflows to facilitate better outcomes.

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Staff Scheduling

Coordinate shift scheduling and plan coverage.

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Improve resource coordination and optimize timely access to care

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Optimize resources, inform service needs, and drive efficiencies

Streamlined data capture and reporting delivers cost savings, boosts staff efficiencies, and improves resource allocation.

Comprehensive Reporting

Leverage data-driven insights with customizable reporting to take action and enhance quality.

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Don’t see what you need? We can build it.

Create a simple form or design a complete system.

Chorus provides the scale required to support complex projects.

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A secure and scalable platform for health

HIPAA compliant
and secure

Integrate your EHR +
organizational APIs

SOC2 compliant

Support all of your team’s workflows

Communities experience health locally. Contact us to learn more about creating a customized solution.