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Our Platform

Chorus’ unique and powerful platform enables everyone to be a tech creator and is already being used to build extraordinary solutions from individual research projects to enterprise health system transformations across dozens of institutions and public health agencies worldwide.

Clinicians, researchers, patients, health systems, and community organizations can create technology powered solutions to solve the problems impacting them the most. 

We aim for transformative change in healthcare. Chorus brings down the barriers to creating technology, and is shifting the dynamics of what’s created and for who in the domain of digital health.

Our People

Our people are innovators and explorers who aren’t afraid to take risks, ask hard questions, and push limits. Changing the paradigm of healthcare technology is an extraordinary task, but we stand behind the mission and know that our team is up to the challenge.

We are techies and creatives who care about the social impact of what we build; We are caretakers of technology, and not only understand but empathize with the humans who use it

Our Culture

We also have empathy for one another and embrace the strength of our differences. We empower people to have a voice, make decisions, be creative, take ownership, take risks, learn, and grow. 

Each of our team members has found their way to Chorus because they believe in our mission of democratizing technology and bringing others along on the journey.

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We're Hiring!

We’re hiring! Chorus is looking for passionate and self-motivated individuals to join our growing team. Our ideal candidates will be passionate about our mission to help improve the lives of others through technology, have the desire to operate and thrive in a startup environment, and will possess excellent communication and collaboration skills.

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Our mission is to make the world a better place by empowering people to create the solutions that matter most to them. We know that a critical part of that mission is providing our team with the resources and support they need to succeed, not only at work but in life.


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