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What happens when anyone can be a technology creator? Chorus Innovations, Inc. is a fast-growing healthcare technology company with a “no-code” platform that enables anyone to visually create mobile, text messaging and interactive voice apps. Chorus’ unique and powerful platform is currently being used by doctors, researchers, patients and community stakeholders alike to power transformative healthcare, biomedical research and community improvement projects across dozens of institutions and public health agencies worldwide.

Most other “no-code” or “low-code” technology platforms primarily function as useful tools for IT staff within organizations. But at Chorus, we approach app development in an entirely different way by empowering the individuals who are the experts at solving the problems they see to directly create their own technology solutions that are uniquely tailored to their specific needs.

And we’re hiring! Chorus is looking for passionate and self-motivated individuals to join our growing team. Our ideal candidates will have the desire to operate and thrive in a startup environment, and will possess excellent communication and collaboration skills.

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