Overcome common app-building obstacles with no code

Searching for a simpler way to create customized healthcare applications?

Meet Chorus, the no-code app building platform and technology partner that empowers healthcare professionals and organizations to build and launch custom apps quickly, while ensuring they are tailored to their unique individual and organizational needs.

Build it yourself. Or build it with us.

Chorus is your partner in healthcare and research app development. We provide flexible design and build services to support your needs. Use our visual app-building platform to independently develop your own applications, or enlist the expertise of our skilled app designers, product, and community engagement team to bring your vision to life.

Our HIPAA-compliant visual app builder and expert support services are designed for:
  • Researchers
  • Clinicians
  • Organizations & nonprofits
  • Universities
  • Public health agencies
  • Entrepreneurs and startups

Chorus brings down the barriers to app development

Chorus is redefining digital health with our unique participatory approach, enabling you to prioritize stakeholder engagement, build both modularly and flexibly, and navigate custom app development with ease.

Created by a team with extensive experience in healthcare, academic research, and technology, the Chorus platform helps solve for some of the most common challenges of creating apps for health and research.

Building intuitive, easy-to-use health and research applications doesn’t have to be frustrating. Whether you need an app that enhances patient engagement, helps manage research studies and assessments, or connects an entire community to care and resources, you can efficiently build and deploy your vision with Chorus.

Common barriers to app development:
  • High costs to create apps and technology
  • Time-consuming and complex development processes requiring programmers
  • Problematic implementation and adjustment, leading to lack of engagement
  • HIPAA compliance, hosting and server management, and data security barriers
  • Poor user experiences
  • Limited flexibility to iterate

Features that set the Chorus no code platform apart in app development for health and research

A visual, no-code app platform for quick, simple creation and deployment

Chorus reduces the time and complexity of making apps, providing a visual app building platform that requires zero coding. Rapid development translates into rapid iteration and increased capacity, equipping you to respond more nimbly to shifting needs, goals, and priorities as they arise.

Start with out-of-the box solutions, but retain the ability to create new modules to support additional and evolving needs. Do it yourself using our simple to use visual platform, or work with our team of designers and developers to build exactly what you need.

A participatory approach to app development

Chorus is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), which means that it provides an expertly-engineered foundation for your application, that brings down the technical barriers to who can create. We’ve mastered key core functions, security, and compliance, so you can freely build within the platform. This makes building more inclusive, and enables non-technical folks to take part in the development process.

Tailor the functionality of your application, cater to local and time-based needs, and hone in on an inclusive, partnership-centric process. To further this process, our team of experts can assist in community and stakeholder engagement, user interface design, and building on digital health best practices.

Centralized security and compliance

Our HIPAA-compliant app builder centralizes management of security, risk assessment policies, and compliance operations. Rather than securing a multitude of apps, you can ensure that all of your apps inherit pre-determined controls. This makes development, management, and review markedly more efficient, simultaneously reducing security vulnerabilities.

Common app types built using the Chorus no code platform:
  • Apps to support research and clinical trials
  • Research surveys and assessments
  • Apps to support clinical care, including interactive chat and patient engagement
  • Digital therapeutics and apps to support behavior change including supporting multi-media, wearable integrations, and AI and Machine Learning
  • Community and public health apps to support care connection and coordination, as well as organization and navigation of community based resources
  • Applications across mobile, desktop, and interactive voice

A HIPAA compliant app building platform that will never share or sell your data

Did you know that many health app developers and platforms utilize user data for their own purposes? Chorus is different. We believe that your user data should never be used for monetary gain, which is why we do not share or sell it in any way.

When you build an app using the Chorus platform, you’ll benefit from our centralized security and compliance management that’s already baked into every app built on our platform. We use industry standard protocols to ensure your data is always secure.

The security features in our no code platform include HIPAA-compliance and SOC2, to safeguard all sensitive data, providing the peace of mind you want and need. When you don’t have to worry about security and compliance, you can focus the majority of your efforts on building great applications.

Key security features in our no-code platform include:
  • Access controls and multi-factor authentication (SOC2, and RBAC).
  • System and communications protection (rest encryption and HITRUST certification).
  • System and information integrity (all endpoints protected by leading antivirus solutions, full disk encryption).
  • Audit controls and configuration management (security logs central managed, configured with center for internet security guidelines).
  • Awareness and training (employee security and privacy training including testing for social engineering and phishing).

Using Chorus to build apps for research

Designed within and developed for healthcare and research, the Chorus platform makes creating apps and digital tools to support research not only easy but removes the burden of hosting, security, and management.

No project is too big or idea too small. The benefits of a modular platform is you can rapidly build and deploy, and then adjust and scale what works. Our features and modular components within the app are tailored to health and research, making app building seamless and accessible to any level of technical experience. You can also use our library of surveys and assessments to quickly build your app, deploy and test it.

Key benefits of using no code platforms for health and research apps

Decreased cost and time barriers via rapid prototyping

A fast, no-code app process to ramp up research project development, so you can test ideas and generate data to improve grant funding opportunities.

Some of the most important development steps that Chorus manages for you include:

Our platform can support national clinical trials at scale, with the ability to simply and seamlessly create flexible and modular digital tools. All the apps built on the platform are easily customizable to meet specific participant, study, and/or individual site needs.  Our security first approach ensures compliance with HIPAA and FDA regulations.

Enhanced capability to support national clinical trials

Our platform can support national clinical trials at scale, with the ability to simply and seamlessly create flexible and modular digital tools. All the apps built on the platform are easily customizable to meet specific participant, study, and/or individual site needs.  Our security first approach ensures compliance with HIPAA and FDA regulations.

Benefits of no-code for clinical trials:
  • Features designed to easily set up and manage clinical trials. Including enrollment and eConsent; building, sharing, and collecting assessments using branch logic; automating schedules, reminders, and workflows to manage participants, and coordinate staff.
  • Deploy a single tool that can be customized site by site to match the needs of a local community or individual cohorts, including multi-language support, multiple data collection options (web, mobile, SMS, Interactive Voice).
  • Digitize your library of surveys and assessments. Quickly add modules, surveys, and other content created by experts in the field. and optimize them for the digital experience.
  • Communicate and engage with patients, participants, and staff through realtime and automated two-way notifications across mobile, text, and voice.
  • Participatory Development Process: Use participatory development methodology to understand site- and participant-specific needs in developing the application and to sustain engagement and participation (UX).
  • Dedicated customer service and support: 24/7 support in addition to online help center).

No code helps build capacity for academic researchers

Overcome the limited capacity of internal development teams by partnering with our expert developers and designers, and easy to use platform so you can speed up deployment and fully realize the app or study you envision.

We can help train your staff and integrate with existing workflows to more effectively use staff and resources for research.

Key areas the Chorus no code platform can improve research study workflows:
  • Digitizing staff and patient or participant training materials.
  • Study management including eConsent, enrollment, participant rewards.
  • Automatic and scheduled notifications and alerts, and participant tracking.

Simplify data integrations for research with a no code platform

With Chorus, we make integration with existing systems simple. Our platform simplifies data collection and integration via API, as well as exporting data and dashboarding.

Key areas that no code can simplify data collection and integration for research include:
  • Data Collection: via SMS, mobile web, or interactive voice.
  • API integration with any data management backend.
  • Custom dashboarding and export capabilities. Deploy and integrate AI models within apps.

For clinical trials and research we ensure FDA Standard in data collection (metadata analysis, data management and concurrent  review) with time-stamped activity logs aligned to participants and investigators for comprehensive data traceability.

Easily create surveys and assessments with no code

With the Chorus platform there’s no need to hire expensive programmers to develop your research or clinical applications, you and your team can simply and visually build them yourself.

Our no-code platform includes an easy survey and assessment builder that supports:
  • Pre and post longitudinal tracking: which can be used to measure user outcomes over time.
  • Time-bound assessments released around specific dates, or that are automated based on actions taken by the participants or patients.
  • Dynamic logic and randomization: incorporate branching logic and randomization with full page survey randomization.
  • Participant tracking and management: providing unique user links that are completely trackable to ensure organization and identification of participants and clients.
  • Survey analytics: customizable tags to understand which page participants are on and detect attrition points.
  • Survey and assessment saving: Additionally you can enable users to save and return to specific pages of surveys and assessments.
Connect with Patients and Participants in real-time via two-way chat

Have a study that requires engagement in real time, or want to interact with patients and participants in an ongoing way? With Chorus you can leverage our two way chat features to ensure patients, staff, and providers can engage as needed across mobile, desktop, and interactive voice.  
Our platform also provides the ability to schedule automated reminders and event based notifications triggered based on activities and response logic. These can be segmented for study branches as well as utilize dynamic logic.

Customizable dashboards for research studies

Create dashboards in no code to evaluate results in real time

With chorus you can enable basic calculation of results in real time, or simply export your data for additional analysis.  

Taking data a step further, Chorus has the ability to integrate AI and ML models within the platform, including custom models that our clients provide to us. The platform also provides out of the box standard reporting on key metrics, as well as customizable dashboarding tailored to your specific research needs.

Out of the box dashboarding includes:
  • Charts
  • Key performance indicators/metrics reporting
  • Calculations in real time
  • Exportable data
  • AI and ML integrations (depending on project scope)

Additionally, dashboards can be fully customized and tailored to specific project and individual needs.

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