As such, the Chorus platform provides integrated security for both institutional review and HIPAA, as well as all of the best-in-class security protocols that a large company would implement - but at an exceptionally accessible price point and in a way that doesn’t require you to manage it yourself.

An app development partner can support improved security in the creation of health tech solutions

If you don’t need a programmer to build your app, what does this mean for security?

With the right app development partner on your side, you can be rid of the burden of securing and building server infrastructure on your own, and the full responsibility of maintaining it is also taken off your plate. 

Although it is important to have an appropriate level of awareness of security issues specific to your organization and project needs, this no longer needs to be the sole focus.  An effective app development platform allows you to refocus on the actual design, creation, and implementation of your application.

How the Chorus no-code platform brings down the barriers to security for app developers

On the Chorus platform, app developers gain access to the security features that are critical in a no-code partner in the health and research space:

  • Patching and maintenance
  • Antivirus
  • Access controls (privilege and role base)
  • Physical controls for data center
  • Vulnerability scanning (cadenced and/or scheduled)
  • HIPAA training for all staff

Security features as customizable building blocks

In providing a no-code platform, it is key to think of components as building blocks that users can piece together and tailor to their own needs. It is this principle that makes visual app builders so powerful, permitting creators to  weave their own expertise and lived experiences into their app without this vital knowledge being filtered through the lens of a technology consultant or programmer.

In a similar vein, security should be considered one of these core building blocks., With that, Chorus has done the work to effectively secure our platform, taking an approach that equips our users with the building blocks to create their own applications, while ensuring those blocks are secure. 

Clients often ask us about how we approach risk assessment, and our answer is always that “it is not one-size-fits-all.” Based on each client’s needs, we provide a full risk assessment, which can range from a detailed document to an in-depth assessment involving our security and compliance team, as well as the client’s internal stakeholders.  

When you build an application, whether you are calling on your own programmers or utilizing  a no-code platform like Chorus,  each security component should be viewed as an essential layer of protection in order to ensure that there are no unexpected vulnerabilities. Further, when you work with a platform, it is imperative that r these components are standard practice and maintained on the platform side itself.

Streamline security with help from Chorus

Contact our team to learn more about how Chorus can power your health, research, and clinical apps in a secure HIPAA-compliant environment.

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