How no code brings down the barriers to digital entrepreneurship

Building an engaging, reliable, and secure MVP is key to launching your digital startup, securing funding, and scaling your business. No code simplifies the process.

What is digital entrepreneurship?

In today’s digital world, we rely more than ever on technology and devices to support our everyday activities. From banking, to healthcare, and entertainment - the apps we use have become central to managing and streamlining our lives.

Recent trends have spurred a boom in online business development, led by digital entrepreneurs. With developments in technology - more people can create and more people can become business owners.   This new wave of business owners, focused in developing applications and online business that span beyond their local communities are what we call Digital Entrepreneurs.

Five obstacles to digital entrepreneurship

If opening a business was simple, anyone would do it. Especially with how readily accessible technology is and how wide of a market it can reach. So why aren’t there more digital entrepreneurs? It’s because developing technology and applications can be costly, time consuming, and difficult. Below we’ve outlined some of the key barriers of building a business in the digital space:

  • Cost of hiring and managing programmers, designers, and engineers.
  • Long timelines and delays, caused by relying on technical experts and dependencies.
  • Lack of ability to flexibly adjust and tailor applications relative to real-time business needs or specific segments.
  • Managing security, hosting, and monitoring on top of design and build
  • Relying on out-of-the-box solutions with little ability to customize to your specific business needs.

How the Chorus no code platform helps overcome barriers to digital entrepreneurship

Create your MVP with Chorus in no code

Using the Chorus no-code platform you can easily leverage our out of the box features to create your digital app prototypes and mvp at little cost.  Simply jump into the platform and start building and then easily deploy your app across mobile, desktop, and sms.

Bringing down the barriers to getting a prototype up and running means that you’ll save time and budget by getting feedback sooner. It also means that you can flexibly adjust based on early feedback, to ensure your app fits the needs of your consumers.

With Chorus you can rapidly prototype, deploy, and test - and then adjust as needed.

Rapidly Prototype with a set of features designed to build your business app:

Our set of features makes it easy to create customized surveys and assessments, digital therapeutics and educational apps for behavior change, multi-media apps, and engaging interactive chat apps. The possibilities are endless when you visually build with our core set of features tailored to health and research applications.

We also have made the process of creating forms and surveys simple with our easy form creator and easy survey creator that take the guesswork out of developing apps for digital ventures.

The key features include:
  • Text composer: with ability to customize formatting, headers, and text styling
  • Insert multi-media: photos, videos, and audio
  • Links: in-app and website links
  • Charts and data visualizations
  • Dynamic and custom tables and lists
  • Interactive chat: automated and notification based as well as real-time chat
  • Input fields for: surveys, pick from list, date and time, signature, audio recording, and file uploading, audio player
  • Ability to integrate custom code as needed to truly develop an app tailored to your specific needs

Design and build services, ready to help you at every stage of development

When you are ready to truly scale, or just need some help - our team of experienced experts in design, product, and UI/UX can help you at any step of the process.

We can step in and partner with you to provide consultative services around: design and illustration, training and onboarding, and user research and testing.

Benefits of centralized security and compliance

The benefits of a platform are that security and compliance are built into every app you create. Not only does the Chorus platform manage and ensure security (HIPAA, SOC2) but we take care of the hosting and management so that you can focus on managing your business.

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