For Public Health Agencies

people-centered, digital transformation is possible

The Chorus platform provides the speed and agility to support tomorrow’s technology-enhanced health systems, tailored for specific communities and needs.

Pair that with a participatory and stakeholder-driven development approach to create a new type of digital support for public and population health.

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A flexible, responsive, and personalized approach to technology

Chorus Platform

A secure, scalable platform that serves as a foundation for rapid, on-demand and community-specific digital health.

Participatory Digital Health

Create your digital health services with the community. Ensure its engaging, easy to use, and meets diverse needs.

What’s possible to create with Chorus

Engaging, multi-language patient apps

Tools to upskill your workforce

Virtual chat and online support

Workflow and task management

Case management and referral tracking

Deploy and integrate AI models within apps

Assessments and personalized recommendations

EHR Integration

Wearable and remote monitoring device integration

Population health analytics

Our process puts people in your community at the center

Our approach to design services brings diverse perspectives into the process so the technology is uniquely created with and for your community.

Leverage our team of healthcare and digital health experts along with our experience in supporting projects from single apps to community-wide implementation.

We integrate best practices from

Participatory and Human Centered Design

Include stakeholders to co-design, co-develop, and co-create solutions.

Design for Behavior Change in Health

Draw on evidence-based best practices to create apps that work.

Digital Transformation at Community Level Scale

A wholistic view of how technology can support communities and their health services.

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